Merchant Benefits

Accept Online Payment

The PGI online payment system works through our eWallet. A PGI E wallet is a personal cash account that enables your agents / customers to make instant online payments and receive instant payouts simply and securely. Your agents / customers can pay on your site in two easy steps: 1. Open a PGI account 2. Pay at your site.


The merchants who use our online payment gateway span a wide range of industries and business sizes, including: entertainment, retail, digital goods, travel, utility payment, and financial services, to name just a few. Contact us to find out how you can grow your business when you accept online payments.

Maximise profits

Our marketing and affinity programs focus on driving existing agent / customer business and generating new customers for your online business through our agent network. As a low-cost payment option, our payment gateway helps drive revenue on your site by getting more agents / customers spending online more often at a lower cost. Tap into our agent network of active online consumers with targeted marketing and co-branding opportunities.

  • Cash Acceptance at franchised outlets:Your convenience is always high on priority and to ensure complete security of our customers’ money, only a licensed PGI franchise is authorized to accept cash.
  • Wide coverage on a Pan India basis: The countrywide availability of PGI makes it even more useful for you. Your business expansion will not be restricted to a particular city or state. With assured seamless service across India, PGI helps you to grow your outreach.
  • Extended timings beyond banking hours: We at PGI understand the importance of time and so we are there to support you beyond the banking hours. We stay with you for longer hours to make sure that you are able to fulfill your business commitments.
  • Real time updating of accounting systems: No matter how large is the volume of data you have in your system, PGI’s accounting tool effectively and seamlessly updates the accounting systems.
  • Guaranteed and early access to funds:We value time and that’s why we take the least possible time to give you guaranteed access to your funds. With no downtime in the system you can be sure of a speedy access when you need it the most.
  • Consolidated reporting: Our feature-rich payment system empowers you to have complete visibility over all transactions processed via PGI. Through a single platform, you can have a full view of transactions.
  • Customized MIS & Reconciliation:Staying updated on the account transactions is not a challenge as PGI gives you access to MIS reports. We don’t leave anything to chance, especially, when it comes to funds. PGI-generated MIS reports are accurate and convenient.
  • Enhanced Data Capturing: With PGI you can be sure of receiving accurate and real-time information. The data for the entire payment processing lifecycle is captured.
  • Better penetration in semi urban and rural geography: Whether you are from a Tier-2 city or a Tier-3 town, PGI can be accessed from every nook and corner of the country. Your geographical location doesn’t affect your accessibility to our payment gateway.
  • Cashless Experience for a cash solution: PGI is specifically designed by keeping in mind the end users’ benefits. It provides you with the option of cashless payment system.
  • Reduced footfall at branch offices / collection centre: Our automation tool reduces the need for visiting branch offices or collection center as every request from your end can be processed online/virtually. You save time and money by not venturing out physically.
  • Tailor the look and feel of your payment pages: You have the flexibility to customize the page according to your convenience. Since you own the page, you have all the rights to decide what’s best for your business and choose what features would be displayed in your payment gateway page.
  • Reliable and robust platform with a support team: PGI is a full-proof platform that allows only legitimate orders to flow through. It prevents fraudulent orders from entering the system. Moreover, our customer support team is always there to resolve you queries.
  • Accept payments across India: Your geographical remoteness should not affect payment processing and that’s why PGI empowers you to accept payments from any part of India.
  • Access real-time and past transaction reporting: Reporting facility is an in-built component of Payment Gateway of India. As a merchant, you can review transactions processed over a specified period of time. From order report to payment reports, all the information gets stored in the system database for your future reference.
  • Simple and easy to integrate solutions: Your business model gets simplified when you are able to consolidate all services within a single platform. That’s exactly what PGI offers.
  • Dedicated account management team: Although a transaction management system is built within PGI, there’s also a dedicated team in place that would work on other aspects of account management

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