Now get a direct train to Katra to visit Vaishno Devi temple

The dream of a rail link that could bring the travellers more closely to the holy shrine of Vaishno Devi came true when the Katra-Udhampur rail link was flagged off a year ago in 2014. Bringing in some more action on this operational line, change in terminals of trains on this route where trains are now originating and terminating from newly-built Katra railway station.

Undoubtedly, this railway link which is a part of Udhampur-Katra-Qazigund-Srinagar-Baramulla Railway line is a crucial project of Northern Railway. Right from Jammu to Katra via Udhampur, cutting through the extremes of cold and heat along with the unfavourable terrain, this railway line consists of seven tunnels and thirty bridges. With this rail line operational, it will enable pilgrims coming to visit Vaishno Devi shrine to travel directly base camp Katra, which will definitely give an easy kick while travelling.


12 trains extended from Jammu Tawi to Katra are:

1) 14033 – Delhi – Udhampur Jammu Mail Exp. 14034 – Udhampur- Delhi Jn. Jammu Mail Exp.

2) 12445 – New Delhi- Udhampur Uttar S.K. Exp. 12446 – Udhampur- New Delhi Uttar S.K. Exp.#

3) 16031 – Chennai Central- JammuTawi Andaman Exp. 16032 – Jammu Tawi- Chennai Central Andaman Exp

4) 16317 – Kanniyakumari- JammuTawi Himsagar Exp. 16318 – Jammu Tawi- Kanniyakumari Himsagar Exp.

5) 16687 – Mangalore Central- JammuTawi Navyug Exp. 16688 – Jammu Tawi- Mangalore Central Navyug Exp.

6) 12473 – Ahmedabad-Jammu Tawi Sarvodaya Exp. 12474 – Jammu Tawi – Ahmedabad Sarvodaya Exp.

7) 14155 – Kanpur Central– Jammu Tawi Exp. 14156 – Jammu Tawi – Kanpur Central Exp.

8) 12477 – Jamnagar- Jammu Tawi Exp. 12478 – Jammu Tawi – Jamnagar Exp.

9) 11449 – Jabalpur- Jammu Tawi Exp. 11450 – Jammu Tawi- Jabalpur Exp.

10) 19803 – Kota – JammuTawi Exp. 19804 – Jammu Tawi – Kota Exp.

11) 12475 – Hapa- Jammu Tawi Exp. 12476 – Jammu Tawi- Hapa Exp.

(14609/14610 – Rishikesh – Jammu Tawi Hemkund Express will originate/terminate to and from ShriMata Vaishno Devi Katra from 10/09/2015)

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