Can you ignore the cash-paying customer

Can you ignore the cash-paying customer, less than five per cent of Indians pay online.

India’s first and fastest growing, PGI solves the problem of lack of viable offline payment options with existing bill payment and ticket booking shops  a wide network of more than 10,000+ trusted and net-connected payment points and allowing any business, online or offline, to collect cash payments via the shops.

PGI provides an automated and secure cash collection mechanism for online businesses, which was otherwise absent. Customers can make cash payments towards any business just as they would pay their bills or recharge mobiles at a neighborhood shop.

PGI has already established a network across 1,000 towns and cities. The businesses just have to integrate PGI into their website like a payment method. “Any business that has a lot of remote purchases can use PGI. They need not be online. They can be taking orders over a phone call or SMS.

How it works

PGI, 100 per cent safe payment system integrates the payment option on the checkout page. Anyone who wants to pay via PGI is given an Invoice no and the list of nearby outlets (based on pin code) where the payment can be made. Once the person pays, the merchant is updated real-time. No Manual overheads, Real time notifications, Get cash before delivery, Simplest way to collect cash

With a nationwide presence PGI provides business an unparalleled reach


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