IRCTC fair practise

pune express

* Certificate of Authorization issued by PSP (Principal Service Provider) should be prominently displayed at the agency.
* RSPs (Retail Service Provider) must issue receipt on their own stationary for the amount collected from the customers.
* The receipt should contain details like Railway Fare, IRCTC’s service charges, agents service charges, payment gateway charge etc.
* RSPs (Retail Service Provider) should not book tickets using any other wrong ID except only through IRCTC provided agent ids. RSPs if found to be using wrong id, then their ids will be deactivated immediately as well as legal action will be taken against them.
* IRCTC allows maximum charges which can be levied on the customer as listed in ticket. Please do not collect any extra amount to avoid violation and withdrawal of your rail service

NOTE: All fraudulent activities like Overcharging, booking tickets through personal user id’s, creating multiple user id’s will be dealt strictly. The minimum punishment will be deactivation and also further legal action will be initiated against the RSPs (Retail Service Provider)


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