Add cash to your Paytm Wallet


We’re thrilled to be the official wallet creation and top up partner for Paytm, wherein our PGI outlets is available for you as a top up point for Paytm wallet We are excited to think about the combination of PGI 10000retail outlet across India and the Paytm Wallet’s reach – 60 million trusted wallet users across India – and the opportunity for you to enjoy this brand new integration! Go top up your Paytm wallet at PGI retail outlets shop, pay bills and more!!!


8 thoughts on “Add cash to your Paytm Wallet

  1. nandan saha says:

    i am unable to add maney to paytm wallet from my pgi account’s balance. pls help me.

  2. Rachit says:

    How to openthe pgi outlet in my town, i dont have any pgi outlet i want to open it please tell..

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  4. Vaibhav says:

    How do i find PGI stores in my area?

  5. Ramkumar says:

    How to find phi outlet in davengere.pls help me

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