Speed the Essence of Business

Speed has become the need of time. Be it banking services, customer care, service industry or production, today’s consumer needs everything fast…real fast. Technologies are created; they evolve and become obsolete too in a crazy frame of time and surprisingly today’s individual has started adapting to these changes with the rapid pace. It’s the survival of the fittest and the fastest that is going to stay. Information Technology has taken charge of all businesses worldwide and even India has been experiencing a total revolution in all the business domains not to leave behind service industry. IT based solutions are running today’s businesses smartly, effectively and highly efficiently. Gone are those times where simple processes like transferring an amount from one bank account to another used to takes days or even weeks. Today transactions are possible within the blink of an eye, that too with utmost safety. With speed comes savings…savings in form of time, money and of course the loss of opportunity costs. A process, which used to take weeks, now takes microsecond.

PGI Utilizing Technology to its best

PGI retailers will be seamlessly connected through a robust technology platform, which will provide hassle free, and rapid transactions real time. PGI has already tied up bus ticket, air ticket, mobile  and dth recharge service providers,  to provide real time ticketing services and with major utility service providers and movie theaters. From a single account all these services can be availed and the consumer gets instant receipt or a ticket for the payment done.

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